Athena here! Ready to sing my message to you all! Or… actually, I’ll just write it down, because I need more singing lessons.

ALL OF US at one point in our lives have stayed stagnant. Remember this word I said I hate?! STAGNANT! Eww! This word makes me want to throw up like I’ve eaten 10 burgers then gone to run a marathon. (I’d be okay with 9 though, apparently!)

As humans, we LOVE staying in our comfort zone. We don’t have to do much goal-wise and are okay with just getting by.

But WHY?

It’s comfortable being in our comfort zone.

Read that again! ^

But guess what? Well, actually, you don’t have to guess because I’m going to tell you…

Comfort = a lack of growth.

Yes, I said it!

The reality is, sometimes we lack the self-confidence to even THINK that we are equipped for more.

Sometimes we have some self-confidence and we share our ideas, hopes, and dreams, with friends and family, only to get shot down, not realizing that those closest to us don’t believe in us because THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.

That’s something we fail to realize sometimes. That people are only as capable to you as they are to themselves. If THEY think small, they’ll think small for you too.

There will always be people that doubt you, but the worst is when YOU doubt YOURSELF.


Write down all your goals on a piece of paper.

Do it right now.

I’m waiting.

Did you get that piece of paper?

Did you get a writing utensil? (That sounds so fancy!)

Pen, pencil, marker, fountain pen, lipstick…. do you have one of these in your hand?!

Well get to writing down your goals. NOW!

Then, take a look at them.

Do they scare you?

Yes? Awesome!

No? Make your dreams and goals bigger. BIGGER. Massive like Texas!

“Okay Athena, I wrote them down!! What now?”


Otherwise, you’ll be stuck staying comfortable, and you won’t expereience the immense growth that comes with achieveing your greatest potential.

So excited for your growth!

Be sure to keep in touch and update me on your progress!